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It all began in a garage in Kew Melbourne around  1960 ..My parents Leonard and June Williams pictured above were very hard workers ..originally they had a property at Diggers Rest  just 30 mins from Melbourne where my father ran his dream  thoroughbred stud farm ..Chelandry Park of some 1000 acres he bought in 1950  $AUS 100,000 !

The early years were cold running water and freezing winters starting fires in the middle of the night for their frostbitten sheep herd and pregnant mares running into fences regulary loosing their new born   ...and the loss of several  expensive newly imported sires to snake bite and horse shipping  crates being dropped from the ship at  Port Melb on arrival etc which was all part of their first few years ! They did however love breeding  their horses and seeing their  offsprings  progeny sold at auction  and going to UK and France to source their stallions so they took the good with the bad ..times !

It was tough early times for the young Williams family though overall .Having seen my grandfather(he sold mini harps door to door in the depression to make a living ! )  doing it tough in the whoesale furniture business in Melbourne  my father decided to sell  his dream farm to clear all his fathers debts and bail him out which was very noble..of him indeed  to help the family giving up his dream.. .. He then moved to Melbourne his father and  family now totally debt free  starting from scratch and set up his new Melbourne based commercial business he quickly dreamt up and  founded  Amery Trading Co selling business shirts to all the high rise offices and factories growing rapidly  in Melbourne and did very well..All his stock he stored  in a garage from our home and he had no shops..or overheads..Mum and dad would make the orders up  in the freezing garage I can still remember  till  3 am in the mornings sometimes   and then  Leonard would then start his days delievries at 8 am !!  All the offices and factories  bought directly his shirts at very low prices ..no middle man or shops and the business really flourished !

From 1973 we moved to Sydney and in 1980 commenced Australian Pacific Oil Co which sold oils and  chemcials which was the foundings of ACI today ...My parents continued working hard in the new oil business my father tele -calling thousands of service stations and mechanics and earthmovers each year  to drum up new sales while my mother chased the accounts ..tirelessly  never ending work !



ACI,s beginnings are very humble ..It all began in a tiny storage room about 5 meters wide by 20 mtrs deep  in Annandale Sydney we leased for $60 a week  in 1980 whereby my mother first thought after seeing so many cars on the road one day  in Newcastle north of Sydney we should venture into automotive oils  as the market seemed huge and hence we purchased our first semi trailer load of Esso lubricants  in Sydney with our own label stencilled  on those drums and from that day we then entered the oil and chemical  world ..never looking back..

ACI 41 years on has grown to now import and sell all types of  chemicals for  the oil,paint,ink,solvent,mining,chemical and cosmetic industries  supplying all states of Australia ..We also are Australia,s largest surplus chemical broker helping many companies like BP,Orica ,Ixom,Halliburton and Mobil sell their high quality  redundant chemicals to our many buyers /outlets in Australia and overseas converting slow moving  or unwanted stocks into liquid funds for them…allowing us to do all this hard work in sourcing homes ..for our clients..

Some of our past surplus chemicals brokerage  work includes help selling 200,000 ltrs of floatation agent/surfactant for Halliburton . Some 15-20 semi loads of redundant automotive greases for Shell.. Our most recent work is to help  clear 400,000 ltrs of Oleic acid and (which we've just sold 100,000 ltrs in AUS ond OS ) 700 tonne of Ethanol just in. Also our waste division just disposed of 140,000 ltrs of waste Sodium Sulphide and Nitric acid for one of the mines!

SIS-Supreme Import Services is our new import section that liaises with clients to establish what on going new chemicals they seek to buy throughout the year  ..Knowing this market is extremely competitive we have commenced our trading operations here direct matching our clients requested chemicals with our overseas vendors highest quality matched products from USA ,Brazil and Korea Russia and China etc  and are going in hard on low prices to win their business. Try us today tell us what you need in 20 or 40 ft container lots. Im sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at our prices and guranteed high quality !!

Blue Whale Oil and Chemicals Co is new trading name under the ACI banner that offers all oil and greases to the agriculture, mining, chemical and large industrial accounts. This company's uniqueness is that it offers far superior  oils and greases than conventional lubricants that are enriched  with higher doses of VI improvers and have extra higher levels  of expensive additives like antiwear zinc and  moly  etc. to further protect your equipment. All of of lubricants  our designed and made in Australia for the harsh Australian and Asian climates in mind. that need to perform under hot arduous conditions. We will directly match your oils and greases but offer our far superior lubricant products at a lesser price normally around $100 a barrel.Our present work is offering 80 drums of Lithium complex grease to a company that imports from Germany paying huge money for this imported product which we can suppply the same from sourced locally in Australia at a great saving !

Please let us know what you seek to buy today and well get started with our direct equivalent and best price(we prefer 80 drum lots   if possible )  !

Blue Whale wer,e big traders of superior oils and greases made for tough conditions and harsh climates  !!!


ACI Green Waste Recycling Services

From our growth of both automotive ,industrial oils and chemicals and then move into  surplus chemicals our customers then asked us to look at their chemical waste needs in time  ..which we now have  successfully undertaken to service with recycling being our main objective !!!!!!.We can look at virtually any waste you may wish to clear hazardous or non hazardous materials in every state of Australia bulk or packaged using our 24 hour EPA licenced trucks and disposal facilities to clear at extremely low prices ..sometimes we work on just 10% on cost to get disposal deals moving for our clients ...This enables our clients to be able to have a one stop service buying and selling chemicals and at the same time disposal of their chemical wastes ..its so simple and convenient to deal with one firm to cover your needs !!

miki pic cSome of our major projects and one  of our largest cleanups was for Valspar a very large US based  multinational paint company to dispose of  40 semi loads of waste over several months when they closed in Sydney some 3 years  ago .We firstly  bought what good chemicals we thought we could buy from them to help them rather than disposal successfully  recycling many relatively good raw chemicals  which saved them a lot of money!!

Also currently we have taken away 52 semi loads and still counting of waste solvents and paints for the  Japanese owned  DIC Inks based in Sydney and Melbourne ..In the past some years ago we disposed of some 36 semi loads of waste grease for Shell Pickenba….We cleaned up 400 drums of waste bitumen for both BP Kwinana and for Mobil Port Stanvac Adelaide .Our green waste division caters for many varied clients from very large to fairly small accounts some just  4-5   pallets of waste paints per year..

ACI Byproduct services is active in discussing our clients tailings and byproducts that are enriched with minerals..especially the mines please send us youre test per byproduct stream and we may be able to take these products away FOC..for you !

We provide the same  attention to our small and large  clients because we believe in making clients is for life ! large and small..as we know how we started out !

We therefore are a multifaceted company that not only trades in all new oils,chemicals  and greases etc at highly competitive prices  but also helps companies sell their good unwanted raw chemicals and  we can dispose of any waste chemicals across Australia always looking to recycle where we can everytime ..

We look forward to being of service to you ...and welcome your enquiries in all 5 areas please let us know by clicking the below email link thank you!!

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(Our emphasis is to recycle all wastes if possible at all times.)