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Our total range of services on hand to help your smoothly and save money !

1. We are large Australian/Pacific Asian traders(buyers and sellers ) of new and surplus redundant unwanted chemicals active in all states of Australia(Sydney,Melbourne,Adelaide,Perth,Darwin,Brisbane,Tasmania) especially for the large industrial chemical and mining companies ..

2. We offer green recycling waste solutions for DG and NON DG unwanted chemicals preferring to find good recyclable homes firstly !

3. We can consider any byproduct products from chemical,mining and industrial applications to find green economic homes

4. Blue Whale Oil and Chemical Company our new lubricants division offers supreme protection oils and greases with extra additive and VI Improvers levels to protect your plant and machinery,s investments

5. SIS Supreme Import Service ..Our new full chemical import service caters for all NEW chemical imports you require at highly competitive prices ..

ACI Australian Pacific /Asia buyers and sellers of premium first grade surplus chemcials

Please let us know what good in shelf life surplus chemicals you have for sale today and we will list them for free on our new modern data base for you !

If you wish to buy any surplus raw chemicals from us you can expect to save approx 30-40 % over new wholesale prices ..

ACI only trades in first class chemicals and the products we sell must be in perfect condition without flaws and be accompanied with their important CofAs(like a good blood test ) in their original sealed containers..

Please take some time to submit youre enquiries to buy or sell and let us know if you need extra photos or samples if need be help make the sale
We get great pleasure sourcing as new surplus chemical stocks and saving our clients big money when they buy our A1 perfect stocks..!!

Green waste solutions to save our environment

ACI has always thought "Is there a home out there " for the wastes we were offered ..One of our biggest green solutions deals in the very early years was for Emoluem at the back of the Rosehill racecourse who had some 2000 drums of old bitumen that had accrued for some 10-15 years ..

After some thought we contacted ALL of the fire brigades in NSW and ended up sending many drums to them to use to fill the pot holes and repair the roads around their fire depots in the bush..
It worked well and many drums we also sent to farmers who used the bitumen on their fence posts to stop the insects eating their post and rail..Within 4 months over 2000 drums were recycled and none were  incinerated which is what we were advised was their only the time !

So please send us a note of youre waste material noting the product ,pack size and qty with its MSDS and let us find some green solutions for you today at lower prices
Sure some waste products like wash waters have little chance of finding a recycled use but we will always TRY OUR BEST firstly to find a home for you and invariably SAVE YOU MONEY on your disposals !!

Some of our clients this year include Halliburton,Flint Inks,Jotun,Orica...Iluka Mines and Chemiplas etc

ACI Byproduct new home services is keen to look at any byproducts of value or valueless to find sustainable new homes..and reduce the need for disposal..Please send us a test report per youre product,s tailing, liquid or sludge by product and our chemist will help try to find some possible homes for you ..This is a most important service as we are keen to work towards zero waste disposal outlets for our clients ..and by products some mighty  volumes can be huge costs  to dispose..Maybe we can find the right green home for youre by  product lets see !

Blue Whale Oil and Chemicals Co is our new unique lubricant trading division that offer oils and greases that go the extra mile ..All of our oils and greases are purposely fortified with extra addiitive levels like detergency,antiwear ,antioxidant and viscosity improvers to boost the performance of your engines and machines..YES !!

An engine is very much like a body it gets hot and tired in the heat and we boost our bodies performance to cope with vitamins like vitamin B and C etc the same goes for engines they need a boost of additives especially in hot arduous climatic conditions like Australia and Asia where temperatures can sizzle to 40 deg C some days !! For example conventional oils contain 3 % Zinc additive to prevent wear ..Blue Whale hydraulic oils all contain min of 5 % zinc antiwear additives..
We offer for older cars  and prefer HIVI 20w60 motor oils rather than 20w50 grade and 20w50 diesel oils when most all companys offer thin 15W40 grades ALL of which were designed in labs in North america or Eurpope for the colder climates in mind ..
So lets us provide you a better class of oil and grease than youre standard conventional lubricants for youre engines and machines that are truly designed for the harsher more arid temperatures in mind here in Australia and Asia and are supercharged with higher  additive levels  to prevent premature wear,sludging and oxidisation and costly downtime intervals ..!

SIS-Supreme Import Services is our new chemical import section that will provide a direct match and CofA to the raw chemical you seek to buy and negotiate with our partners in Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand,Singapore the highest quality product from their range at LOWEST PRICES.

This is a new service from 2020 and so far has had a good response from alot of our surplus chemical buyers and waste accounts..Here is a good example .

Sopura is a large food and chemical CO in Melb that has been one of our oldest waste accounts for many years..the boss and my friend is Paul ..They supplied us late 2020 with a list 10 raw chemicals they bought in regularly and so far we have saved and supplied them on 3 of the 10 items ..

They are very pleased as now they can use our one stop service to buy NEW and SURPLUS CHEMICALS and use our competitive waste services 3 in 1 !
So please let us know what new chemicals youd like to buy today and lets get started supplying you a CofA a really comp,etitive quote and lead time for youre next import !! We are sure youll be pleasantly surprised at the great quality and savings..of our import chemicals !!

We look forward to being of service to you ...we like a challenge !! and welcome your enquiries in all 5 serviceable areas so  please let us know by clicking the below email link to start experiencing ACI,s new exciting green ideas in our  modern chemical business  trading centre and saving money today thank you !!

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